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Split Firewood . . .

Some people heat their homes with firewood while others simply like the ambiance of a warm, flickering fire on a cold winter night.  Firewood is sold by a measurement called a "cord." To accommodate our customers’ newer wood stoves, we cut our firewood to approximately 18 inches in length. That means we redid the math to ensure that our customers are getting a full cord . . . 128 cu. ft. This results in a stack of wood approximately 5-1/4 feet high by 16 feet long and 18 inches wide (roughly 512 pieces).

Any questions, please give us a call at 610-495-9277

Current Pricing Per Cord
Prices subject to change without notice



Split Hardwoods


 Customer pick up of firewood, whether split or unsplit, 
is NOT AVAILABLE until further notice. Any questions,
please give us a call.

NEW! Firewood in a Bag!

8 pieces for $6.00
($1.00 off next purchase with returned bag)

NEW! Firewood on a Pallet!

100 pieces for $40

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