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Why you need to call us about your Ash Tree problem

The current, major tree-related problem for home and property owners, is with the Emerald Ash Borer beetle, an insect, killing thousands of ash trees throughout Pennsylvania and across the country.  Many owners are uncertain of how to handle the situation; more importantly, on a costClick to learn more about the problem-effective manner. You can use the provided link to learn more about the biology and extent of the infestation, but you can’t always find the best company to help deal with a problem that is affecting your personal property.  That’s where M&M Tree Service can help.

As background and experience, there has been a MacMullen in Pennsylvania trees for the past 100 years. We were there when the Dutch Elm disease started and we’re still here for the problems associated with the Emerald Ash Tree Borer beetle and the Spotted Lantern Fly infestations.

Typically, every time one of these large problems surface, hundreds of new tree companies appear. Quite a bit of money is spent on advertising, promising quick action with so-called “technical skill and experience.” Unfortunately, these quickly established attempts to cash in on a serious problem has left many unsatisfied customers in their wake.

In contrast, our current business started with my grandfather, Ervin MacMullen, who worked for a big tree company as a climber. Then, my father, Charles (Barry) MacMullen, created Upper Merion Tree Service, a part-time operation. Over time, my dad became one of the best climbers and riggers in the business. He was an expert in all facets of tree care and all self-taught.

Now it’s my turn with M&M Tree Service, which has become a large, local, full-service tree company -- operating off my personal concern for -- and active participation in -- protecting the environment, even if on a local basis. While I have had more formal training and use more equipment, I still follow my successors’ recipe for happy customers and quality solutions – stay up on your craft, be honest and fair with your customers and employees, and provide solutions that only 3 generations and45 personal years of experience can yield.

So, what do I do about my ash trees?

In addition to felling already affected ash trees, we offer a FREE inspection of your property and an assessment of the total problem for a workable path forward.

  • How many trees are affected.
  • How many are salvageable or healthy.
  • Which trees represent an immediate safety issue, and which can be dealt with later.
  • What would be involved and what would be the cost.

I am a father and homeowner. Sometimes the balance of safety and finances is a tough call. Therefore, I will explain all the factors that address the problem and some that could save you money (keeping the good firewood, different cleanup options, etc.). In short, we will work with you on a plan to deal with your situation which might also offer flexible payment options or a recommended source for financing. 

Over the years, I have established a relationship with my customers to be fair, honest and trustworthy.  I offer that same commitment to you.   ..... Robert (Bob) MacMullen

To deal with your ash tree problem or
any of the other services M&M Tree Service offers
in a fair and equitable manner.
Just give me a call.


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