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Preserving the Environment . . .

M&M Tree Service is fully committed to doing its part in preserving the environment. Trees and brush that have been removed at the request of customers are chipped and removed from the owner’s premises but are not discarded at a dumping site and do not enter Pennsylvania landfills. Instead, M&M Tree Service and Arborganic Acres, an organic composting facility in North Coventry township, have partnered to provide each other with mutually beneficial services both of which benefit the environment. M&M Tree Service is Arborganic Acre’s primary supplier of carbon-based wood chips which are mixed with nitrogen-based sources in aerated static composting piles. Through a complex biological process, microorganisms convert this mixture of organic material into a soil-like material called compost. It is the same process that decays leaves and other organic debris in nature but Arborganic Acres is able to speed up the process turning otherwise discardable material into environment-friendly end products such as compost, mulch and soil enrichments. Thus, M&M Tree Service and Arborganic Acres are able to complete a biological full circle by returning organic material, that would ordinarily be removed from the earth, back to the earth.


To learn more, visit the Arborganic Acres website at


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